News from Grandtully



It hardly seems 12 months since we last wrote “it’s nearly Christmas” but there you are. We have been frantically online shopping, but have also managed to find some time to shop for presents locally and in Perth.


Just at the beginning of December we still had a rose or two in bloom, but the first hard frosts put paid to them. We still await delivery of some bare root apple trees but have just heard from the supplier that they are delaying delivery again because of the cold and hard ground. It doesn’t really matter, since we could not plant them at the moment anyway. January now looks the likely earliest delivery for these. The local bird population are enjoying the peanuts we have put out and we have snapped a few photos – some a little fuzzy as they don’t sit still for long!


The middle of the month has been the coldest of the year up here in Perthshire and there have been hard frosts every night for the last week or so. Oddly enough we have not had the snow that Wales and the Midland counties have. That is rather disappointing (although we are glad not to have suffered any power failures); Charlie and Hazel feel very aggrieved when they watch the news and see more southerly schools closed and the kids all having fun. The temperature was about minus 10c the other night but Scotland still functions as normal as regards school buses!

We have taken our final bookings for the year in the Bothy and it has been a successful year for us despite our not having the best of summers. We have met some really nice people whom we hope have taken away some good memories of a relaxing holiday. We look forward to greeting some of the same guests in 2018 as well as making some new acquaintances. Anyway, back to present wrapping and looking forward to the holidays.


Merry Christmas.