News from Grandtully



It has been a slow month, mainly because there has been significant amounts of snow. Most interesting thing this month was a wassail with friends and neighbours on twelfth night to ensure our apple trees produce a good crop later this year! This ancient custom is mainly maintained in the English west country, but since Scotland (and especially Perthshire) was once renowned for the number and quality of its orchards, and many of our trees are Scottish varieties, it seemed a good time to start a new tradition up here. We marched up the hill and cheered the oldest growing tree in the orchard and drank to its health, followed by a mini firework display courtesy of our up-the-hill neighbours. All good clean fun!


We had a good fall in the middle of the month and it was snowing every night during the middle of the month. That may be it for a while as the last 10 days of the month were much warmer. We have managed to get a little pruning and planting done this week which is right at the end of January. We have had a bit of an issue this month with a broken land drain in the track where it leads to the public road – there is a lot of water flowing down the track instead of along the drain, so that is something to be dealt with over the next month.

The Bothy bookings are beginning to step up now that we are well into the new year, and we are looking forward to welcoming our guests particularly when the spring arrives. Sharon is hoping to get the winter clean-up of the Bothy garden complete by early February – the frosts have affected all the winter interest plants so they need trimming back now.


Anyway, here are few winter photos to show the beauty of the scene at the beginning of the year – the Wassail tree is below!