News from Grandtully



Just checking back with last year’s notes for this time of year and we were pruning apple trees and roses and planting…. What a difference this year. It has been cold and snowy and frosty – too cool to do much outside even if one felt much like it! We are now in the grip of the easterly air flow at the beginning of March. The so-called “beast from the east” – which journalist makes these things up?

We have not been that much affected until the last day of February when the local school closed for three days; the first snow days since we moved here. In fact, we only have about four inches or so of snow now (we had much more just after Christmas) - north of Perth the conditions are quite good (albeit with snow showers) but the central belt has been badly affected and northerly trunk routes mostly closed.




As a result, we do not have any pictures of busy end of winter activities to share as we have been tucked up at home or languishing in one or other of the local cafes! However, here are some photos taken last weekend of a trip to the Caledonian canal at Neptune’s staircase near Fort William and the Nevis range – a beautiful day out within easy reach of Grandtully. That day the sun was shining and the sky was blue!


Back at home, we are feeling bad for the sheep farmers with the first lambing not far off; our local farmer Hughie has been up and down the snowy lane several times per day for a long time keeping the ewes fed with silage and hay now the grass is covered by snow.


Let’s hope the news is back to normal next time.