News from Grandtully


We are finally seeing an end to the wet and cold weather that has characterised this winter.  Although there is a few weeks of changeable weather to go - with some snow on the upland moors - we have had a couple of days that you could believe were springtime, with the buds pushing through.  We had a particularly bad October with two days where it dumped a month’s rain in 24 hours each.  A significant part of the driveway was lost to the water so we have been having a local contractor replace that and digging holes and laying new drains to take the water away from the house. 

We have been pruning the apple trees and clearing out the greenhouses ready for replanting with the new season around the corner and some brush cutting work is indicated to get the beds ready for covering and planting. 

The meadow has had a few trees planted since last summer, but it is now nearly time to plant some of the random birch plants that spring up in the gravel.  The existing plants are not very big, so it is a trick to see where you have already planted, but in three years we should see some results, judging by the trees planted around the wee hoosie.  David has identifies another two spots for apple trees – you can never have too many apple trees.....

Having filled the firewood stacking areas satisfactorily, we have now used most of it up, so we are looking for more wood to cut and stack.  This job has become a lot quicker now that Charlie has a chainsaw certificate and is certainly larger and stronger than David!

We are finally getting the old tack room fitted out as a workspace for Hazel’s jewellery and engraving work and a general artist’s space.  We have always meant to do this ever since moving in 11 years ago and now she has left school and is working under the tuition of Malcolm Appleby, it seems the time to invest in getting the space warm and dry and usable. 

Finally, Charlie has passed his driving test - a sure sign things are looking up!