News from Grandtully


It has been a while since we posted anything so here is an update.  The summer was not so hot as usual, but that did not stop a grand crop of tomatoes being harvested from the polytunnel by Sharon.  The downside is there is a limit to how many you can eat, and making sauce palls after the first four batches!  Nevertheless– we have been working on the garden and other crops – potatoes greens and beans were pretty good too. 

We have been harvesting the apples and making cider in October.  The first batch of the latter is made and bubbling away happily on the kitchen window sill but there are still four more crates to be processed.  That’s the thing about having lots of trees (62 at the last count) half of them can fail to produce much but you can usually guarantee the same suspects will produce loads.  Sure enough, Scotch Bridget, Lady of the Lake and Charles Ross (names not well known to supermarket aficionados) plus others supplied most of the apples this year. 

The month of October was the wettest we can recall.  Two weekends supplied a month’s worth of rain In 24 hours each, and it was wet enough without that.  Anyway, we weathered that experience, although the caravan site was not so lucky, and several vans were destroyed.  If it hadn’t been for the valiant efforts of some local farmers with tractors more extremely expensive-looking vans would have gone the same way.  Thank goodness for the quick thinking and selfless locals. 

We are now into burning the firewood – it is surprising how quickly you get  through it.  David is now planning ahead for another load or two of recently felled logs for cutting and stacking for 2024/5.  In this game you are constantly thinking ahead. 

We had a nice couple of days and managed to get a few photos of the autumn colours.  Somehow the camera never quite conveys what we see and you need to be here to appreciate a good autumn display.  We have the last of our scheduled bookings for the Bothy next week so here’s hoping the weather will be good for them since the colours are spectacular at present..